New Title Discounts

McDonald & Woodward offers a special discount off of the retail price of new titles for a period of 90 days following the title's release. Pre-release orders will be accepted for forthcoming titles at the same terms of discount and held until the book is actually published.

At this time there are no new title discounts.

Half-Priced Books

Save up to 50% by ordering from our damaged books shelf!

McDonald & Woodward maintains a shelf of books made up of many of our titles that are visibly damaged but nonetheless in essentially good condition – no tears, missing pages, stains, damaged covers, or cracked or separated spines.

Our reservoir of damaged titles is updated every month. We currently have available:

The Birch: Bright Tree of Life and Legend 1 copy
The Carousel Keepers5 copies
Chaining Oregon9 copies
A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates 1 copy
Homegrown: Stories from the Farm 2 copies
Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley 5 copies
John Tyler 20 copies
A Mile Deep and Black as Pitch 6 copies
Mr. Lincoln’s Chair 9 copies
The Next Step 4 copies
Our Mark on This Land 2 copies
The Snowflake Man 19 copies
Sweetwater Sea Sga 4 copies
Wagon Making in the United States 4 copies
Woman of the Green Glade 9 copies
Yellowstone Wolves 5 copies

Please Note: Pre-Owned Books are non-returnable and are sold on a first-come/first-served basis.

Periodic Offers

Two Special Offers are currently active.

Outdoor Women inside the Forest Service offers support celebrating National Women’s History Month. This item is available from March 1 through April 15, 2021, at a discounted price of $20.97 per copy. It can be purchased on this web site through our Shopping Cart.

Bird is the Word: An Historical Perspective on the Names of North American Birds. provides birders with the new standard history of the names of nearly 800 species of North American birds. This item is in place until August 31, 2021, at a discounted price of $27.97. It can be purchased on this web site through our Shopping Cart.