Welcome to The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company, founded in 1986 by Jerry N. McDonald and Susan L. Woodward, two professional geographers enthused with the prospect of creating books and related documents that could attract and open the eyes and minds of readers interested in the past, present, and future of Planet Earth.

McDonald & Woodward currently offers more than 100 titles within the broad fields of Natural History and Cultural History, and new items are added to this list regularly.

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 One Popular Book

A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America by J. Reese Voshell, Jr., is one of McDonald & Woodward’s most popular titles. This substantive and accessible volume is of use throughout formal K-12 and university education as well as by informal educators and others working to find, identify, and understand a broad range of aquatic invertebrates and the water environments in which they do, or do not, occur. More information is available in Our Titles.


New Release

Bird is the Word: An Historical Perspective on the Names of North American Birds by Gary H. Meiter was released on March 20, 2020. Our most recent title, Bird is the Word is an unparalleled assembly of the content and history of names for nearly 800 species of birds found on the continent of North America. Read more about this book in Our Titles.


After the Pandemic . . .

A Special Offer of Books in History, Nature, and Science

Across the country and beyond, book sales have crashed during the Covid Pandemic but times and circumstances are changing and we at McDonald & Woodward want to use our adult nonfiction literary resources in natural and cultural history and science to become progressive parts of this change.
McDonald & Woodward is eager to encourage readers to consider acquiring our books. Put simply, we have instituted an extended period (1) of offering featured titles at an appreciable discount of 30% with (2) the accompanying circumstance of allowing any other item or items to be purchased at the same time at the same 30% discount. Buy one copy of one of the current featured titles and as many copies of any other of our titles as you want – all at the 30% discount.
We have launched this Special Offer with the availability of two featured titles at the stated discount of 30%. These titles are (1) Outdoor Women inside the Forest Service, 1971-2018, written by Lauren Turner, and (2) Bird is the Word: An Historical Perspective on the Names of North American Birds, written by Gary H. Meiter. Both titles can be reviewed quickly by entering the title into the Search Button found on all pages and clicking.
As part of this special offer, any items purchased at the same time as one of the featured titles also may be purchased at the 30% discount. The featured titles available within this Special Offer will change during the coming months but the discount terms will remain the same as long as the Special Offer is in place.
Purchases of items within this Special Offer may be made via our Shopping Cart which is available here on our website or directly from our offices via telephone, surface mail, or email.
We hope this Special Offer will be effective in stimulating sales of our books and positively influencing your journey beyond the Covid Pandemic.