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Most Wonderful in the Smallest

Release date: June 2017; 10" wide x 7" high, viii + 236 pages; 161 black-and-white diagrams and figures; Appendixes (4); Bibliography, and Index.























Environmental Education ~ Natural History ~ Natural Resources and Conservation

Most Wonderful in the Smallest

~ A Year in Pursuit of Common Freshwater Microorganisms

by Linda VanAller Hernick.

$22.95; Softcover Binding
ISBN 1-935778-37-4; 978-1-935778-37-0

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Most Wonderful in the Smallest is a year-long observation of microorganisms that dwell in freshwater environments such as streams, ditches, ponds, and swamps, common and accessible parts of environments that surround us all. Written in the form of a journal, the entries and numerous accompanying micrographs describe and illustrate the author’s sampling sites and the fascinating array of organisms that she finds in the samples themselves. Microorganisms comprise the greatest portion of Earth’s biodiversity and yet few of us are aware of their existence beyond the microbial pathogens that make us ill. Most Wonderful in the Smallest acquaints the reader with some of the beauty and complexity of freshwater microorganisms and their vital role in maintaining aquatic habitats.

The author’s objectives with this work are to document the great number and diversity of microscopic organisms that occupy freshwater environments all around us, to illustrate the fact that viewing and photographing these organisms does not require expensive or sophisticated means, and to call attention to and address the need for more people to recognize the presence and importance of these micro-communities.

Release date: June 2017; 5" wide x 8" high, xii + 146 pages; 119 color figures; Glossary, Bibliography, and Index.