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Field Guide to Urban Wildlife

- Common Animals of Cities & suburbs: How They Adapt & Trive

by Julie Feinstein

$34.95; Softcover
ISBN 978-0-8117-0585-1

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This one-of-a-kind illustrated guide explores creatures we may see every day but never really notice--opossums, foxes, bats, swans, hawks, kingfishers, spikers, praying mantises, butterflies, and more. The first of its kind, this book describes the lives of 135 common urban mammals, birds, and invertebrates of North America. Learn how these animals have adapted to survive and thrive alongside humans in our cities and suburbs.

Julie Feinstein is collection manager of the Ambrose Monnell Cryo Collection at the American Museum of Natural History. She has authored numerous scientific papers and conducted biological field research in the rainforests of French Guiana and Peru and the cloud forest of Taiwan. An avid birder, Feinstein has been bridwatching in every continent except Australia and Antarctica.