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The Snowflake Man cover
1998, 6x9", XV+ 237 pages, 39 b&w photos, references, index.

Top-Selling and Popular Titles, Biography, History of Science

The Snowflake Man

- A Biography of Wilson A. Bentley

by Duncan C. Blanchard (Click for author info)

$24.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-71-8; 978-0-939923-71-7

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The Snowflake Man is a biography of Wilson Alwyn Bentley, the farmer from Jericho, Vermont, who took more than five thousand photomicrographs of ice, dew, frost, and--especially--snow crystals. Although his photographs were taken between 1885 and 1931, they have never been equaled and are in great demand today.

Bentley’s story is one of courage and persistence against tremendous odds. He taught himself how to photograph snow crystals through a microscope while still in his teens and then pursued his obsession for years before having the beauty and scientific value of his work recognized by others. The Snowflake Man lays open the life of a simple, self-educated, sensitive man who pursued natural beauty with microscope and camera for nearly fifty years.