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Old Bones and Serpent Stones
1992, 6 x 9", VII+ 301 pages, 86 b&w figures, references, index.


Old Bones and Serpent Stones

- A Guide to Interpreted Fossil Localities in Canada and the United States Volume 2: Western Sites

by T. Skwara (click for author info)

$22.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-09-2; 978-0-939923-09-0

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Fossils, and the life of the past that they represent, are themes of great interest to the general public. Old Bones and Serpent Stones - Western Sites identifies and describes essentially all publicly accessible, interpreted plant and animal fossil localities in the western half of Canada and the United States – from Manitoba to Texas and westward. These are educationally oriented sites where the public may visit proven fossil localities, normally see fossils in place or in on-site collections, and learn about the geology and paleontology of the site or region.

Section 1 provides geological and biological contexts for the area and sites covered in the book. Section 2, which occupies the greatest part of the volume, describes and provides access information about the individual sites. Section 3 identifies sources of additional information about the sites and the subject matter reviewed in the first section. These sources include museum exhibits, pertinent literature, sources of fossil replicas, and organized field experiences in paleontology open to the public.