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Linking Ohio Geology and Botany cover
2003, 8.5 x 11.25" , XIV+ 345 pages, b/w photos, maps, and tables, 5 color plates.

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Botany ~ Natural History

Linking Ohio Geology and Botany

Papers by Jane L. Forsyth
Compiled by Ronald L. Stuckey (Click for author info)

Published by: Ronald L. Stuckey, RLS Creations.
Distributed by: The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company.

$49.95 Hardcover
ISBN 0-9668034-7-7; 978-0-9668034-7-1

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Linking Ohio Geology and Botany is an illustrated book of 48 papers and 18 abstracts by Dr. Jane L. Forsyth, Pleistocene Geologist and Professor Emerita of Geology at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. This book is a collation of Jane's scientific and popular papers published from 1956 to 1998 on the geology of Ohio in the United States. The major theme emphasized is her genuine interest in basic geology, Pleistocene geology, soils, and the exciting relationship of plant distribution and natural vegetation to geological phenomena in Ohio. The book also contains a reprint of Jane's abstract titled "Geology, the Basis of Ohio's Biodiversity," published in 1998, which is perhaps the best and most succinct summary statement on the theme of this book.