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Japan cover
1994, 6 x 9", IV+ 60 pages, 20 color photos, 15 figures.

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History & Culture--Asian


- American Geographical Society Around the World Program

by Roman Cybriwsky (Click for author info)

$13.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-40-8; 978-0-939923-40-3
$18.95 Hardcover
ISBN 0-939923-41-6; 978-0-939923-41-0

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Japan is written for the general reader by Dr. Roman Cybriwsky, an authority on the history and geography of that important Asian country, and provides a substantive introduction to the land, traditions, spirit, and modern patterns and pulses of this rich and intriguing land. Numerous color photographs, maps, line drawings, computer graphics, and tables have been selected so as to both enhance the visual appeal of the book and to expand upon the substantive content in order to very effectively make this small booklet a much broader and clearer window upon Japan than might otherwise be the case.