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Biography ~ History & Culture--North American


- Stories from the Farm

by Evelyn Hoyt Frolking (click for author info)

with Tod A. Frolking

$18.95 Softcover
ISBN 978-1-935778-22-6

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Reviews: http://ediblecolumbus.com/item/2327-homegrown-stories-from-the-farm-by-evelyn-frolking

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Thanks to voices like those of nationally known authors Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, and Barbara Kingsolver, along with film producers Robert Kenner and Curt Ellis, among others, consciousness of the food we eat, where it comes from, what has been done to it, and what it does to us is growing.

Granville, Ohio,  journalist, writer, educator, and business owner Evelyn Frolking has written a new book which puts a "pin on the map" to look at a small section of the country where the food movement has come to life through the voices of those who are growing and producing real food, the farmers. Issues like distribution, seasonal expansion, capital investment, land ownership, labor, and many others are revealed through the voices of these ordinary people who find themselves caught up in a movement they don't necessarily realize they had a part in starting, but one they embrace.

The book is a collection of six stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things within a lively growing local food movement in Ohio. Evelyn explores why they do it: what drives them to farm in a culture that, until recently, has almost totally dismissed them as little more than hobbyists, or worse.  And are they making a difference to their communities and themselves, each in their own personal way and collectively as a growing constituency? This is the overarching story told against the backdrop of the efficient, but flawed, industrial food business that is proving itself unethical, unhealthful, and unsustainable.

The six subjects of the book include: Ann and Tom Bird and their family of Bird’s Haven Farms, Granville, OH; Tom and Emma Stout of Osage Lane Creamery, Pataskala, OH; Erin Harvey of The Kale Yard, Granville, OH; Kathy and  Rich  Harrison of Skipping Stone Farm, Utica, OH; Mike and Laura Laughlin of North-ridge Organic Farm, Johnstown, OH; and Warren and Victoria Taylor of Snowville Creamery, Pomeroy, OH.

A side bar written by Tod Frolking, accompanies each story adding historical, geologic, and economic depth.

Professional photographer Gary Chisolm worked with Evelyn to develop photographic illustrations. Maps will also be included, along with appendixes and references.