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Guide Books ~ Natural History

A Guide to Endangered and Threatened Species in Virginia

Karen Terwilliger and John R. Tate (Click for more info)

$14.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-31-9; 978-0-939923-31-1

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A Guide to Endangered and Threatened Species in Virginia identifies and describes the most vulnerable plants and animals found in the Commonwealth. Most of this book consists of one-page summaries of the biology and ecology of the endangered and threatened species, including physical descriptions and reviews of each species' distribution, habitat, life history, and vulnerability. A color photograph is provided for almost every species covered in the book, along with color maps.. An introduction summarizes Virginia's natural habitats, conservation laws, and the responsibilities of various state agencies involved in the conservation of biotic diversity, while several appendices provide quick reference to definitions of legal status and the status of listed species.

This handbook is an abridged and up-dated version of Virginia's Endangered Species (1991), also published by McDonald & Woodward.

The Guide has been acclaimed by many users as one of the best handbooks available for endangered species of any state. It will be of use both as a reference and field tool to professional biologists and ecologists, as well as to land managers, planners, developers, teachers, students, and all others interested in knowing about, conserving, and wisely managing Virginia's biological heritage.