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Guide Books, Natural History ~ Natural Resources and Conservation

Pocketguide to Eastern Streams

by T. Travis and Shanda Brown

$16.95 Softcover
ISBN 978-0-8117-0640-7

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This unique field guide covers the most common plants and animals found in a stream ecosystem--both int he water and on the stream-banks. It includes species accounts for more than 200 plants, insects, mollusks, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds, with distinguishing characteristics for identification, habitat information, range maps, and hundreds of color photos, presented in a convenient pocketsize format perfect for hikers, anglers, naturalists, and wildlife professionals.

T. Travis and Shanda Brown photograph and write about a wide variety of plants and animals, specializing in freshwater ecosystems and rare plants and animals. Travis works as an ecologist for Eco-Tech Consultants, Inc., where he conducts biological inventories, stream and wetland surveys, and endangered species surveys throughout the country. Travis and Shanda live in southern Indiana.