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Bug Water

- A fly fisher's look through the seasons at bugs in their aquatic habitat and the fish that eat them

by Arlen Thomason

$39.95 Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-8117-0505-9

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Bugwater is that soggy place inhabitated by creepy, crawly, hopping, flying, wriggling creatures we call, if imprecisely, bugs.

This book is about bug-water, the bugs living or falling into such places, and the fish that eat them. Trained as a biologist, Arlen Thomason began to study bugs in earnest when he retired and moved to the banks of the McKenzie River. He got serious about studying bug behavior and taking first-rate photographs of what he was discovering. Viewed up-close, the bugs presented striking visages, forms, and colors. Thomason's stunningly detailed photos and fascinating narratives show off the bugs as they deserve.

Organized around the seasons, the book follows the bugs and the trout through their life cycles from spring through winter.