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Submission Guidelines

The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company’s mission is to publish books in natural and cultural history—as broadly defined—for the curious and educated elements of the general population.

We do not publish:

1. Fiction
2. Poetry
3. Textbooks
4. Children’s Fantasy/Fiction

We are looking for books that are well organized, clearly written, and substantive, yet accessible by a broad readership.

To consider a book for publication, we will need to see a proposal that includes:

1. A cover letter, including information on the author's background
2. The book title
3. Summary of the contents with chapter headings and a sample chapter, if available
4. A promotional statement
5. List of other books on this topic that exist in the marketplace
6. Description of the potential audience for the book
7. A self-addressed stamped return envelope, if you wish to have your information returned to you

If we like the proposal, we will contact the author and request additional information and/or a full manuscript. Once the manuscript is submitted in final format, McDonald & Woodward’s editors and designers will be responsible for refining the manuscript and preparing it for printing and marketing. It is our goal to produce exceptional books that meet our mission.