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Special Promotions


Special Promotion #1

Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Special Offer*
Expires March 31, 2018

Three Bundles of Water and Wildlife

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From now through March 31, 2018, McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company is offering selected books and related products at our deepest-ever discounted retail prices to educators, resource managers, water monitors, citizen scientists, interpreters, and others with interests in Nature and Natural Resources. This offer also extends to organizations, institutions, and agencies who celebrate, honor, and thank their many employees and volunteers who work tirelessly to better understand, manage, and protect natural resources! (The items we offer here make wonderful gifts!)

Here we are offering three “bundles” of our best-selling publications at discounts of nearly 50%. To qualify for the discounted “bundle” prices, a customer must order by the “bundle.” Any number of “bundles” may be purchased.

This special offer will remain in effect through March 31, 2018. Orders must be placed direct with the publisher via telephone, email, fax, or shopping cart.

Here, we offer

Bundle 1 — Freshwater Invertebrates of North America ($165.75 value for $90.00)

  1. A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America (book)
  2. QuickGuide to Major Groups of Freshwater Invertebrates (waterproof chart)
  3. Flash Cards of Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America
    • Set 1: — Major Classes and Orders
    • Set 2: — Families of Mollusks, Stoneflies, Mayflies, and Caddisflies
    • Set 3: — Families of Other Insects

Bundle 2 — Finding, Identifying, and Interpreting Tracks, Trails, and Sign of North American Mammals ($102.85 value for $55.00)

  1. Trackards for North American Mammals (waterproof track / scat guides)
  2. The Companion Guide to Trackards for North American Mammals (book)
  3. The Next Step: Interpreting Animal Tracks, Trails and Sign (book)

Bundle 3 — Comprehensive Overviews of Selected Water Resources ($74.90 value for $40.00)

  1. Vernal Pools: Natural History and Conservation(book)
  2. Groundwater for the 21st Century: A Primer for Citizens of Planet Earth (book)

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This special offer is valid through March 31, 2018. To benefit from the pricing offered, you must place all orders directly with McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company using the above contact information or place your order via out shopping cart.

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Thank you for your interest in our publications!


Special Promotion #2

The Essential Paul Stankard

Paul Stankard is a master glass artist whose creative expressions are housed in private, corporate, and institutional collections around the world. McDonald & Woodward is proud to be publisher of two of Paul’s most important written works — No Green Berries or Leaves, his autobiography, and Spark the Creative Flame, a resource that strives to inform, inspire, and motivate all who work in craft and wish to improve the creative expression of their work.

Here, during and following this rich holiday season and continuing through winter and into spring, we offer these two very special books at very appealing prices as one step in both promoting awareness and appreciation of Paul and of celebrating his ongoing commitment to helping other craftspeople strive for ever higher levels of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Title 1
No Green Berries or Leaves
The Creative Journey of an Artist in Glass

“Paul Stankard has long been acknowledged as the master flameworker in America; who knew he could write, too? The spiritual core of his life and his art shines through on every page (of No Green Berries or Leaves).”

Ulysses Grant Dietz, The Newark Museum, Newark, NJ.

Paul Stankard was trained in scientific glassblowing and worked in industrial scientific glass during most of the 1960s. Challenged by an inner sense of creativity and the need to establish his creative independence, he started making paperweights in the early 1970s. Attracted to the emerging studio glass movement, recognized as a maker of fine paperweights, and driven by an intense and incessant pursuit of excellence, Stankard was — by the 1980s — recognized as a highly accomplished glass artist, a member of the pioneering generation of glass artists in America. As the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of his art matured, and as he continued to develop new techniques for expressing his art, he also assumed more prominent influence in the development of educational programs and institutions that celebrated and expanded art in glass. Throughout his life, Stankard also wrestled with, and learned how to succeed in spite of, a learning disability — dyslexia.

No Green Berries or Leaves presents the author’s record of his life as a struggling, then highly successful, artist; reveals insights into the challenges he faced as a dyslexic and how he came to understand, then circumvent, his disability; and records his perspectives on the history of the studio glass movement in America as he witnessed and experienced it during the past fifty years.

This book will be of value to readers interested in the life of a major American artist and the history of the glass art movement in America, as well as to those looking for an inspirational story of how one man faced, addressed, and outwitted a learning disability and climbed the steep road to success to become a master artist in glass.

Available in softcover only – list price, $29.95

Title 2
Spark the Creative Flame
Making the Journey from Craft to Art

“Spark the Creative Flame is essential for an aspiring artist. . . . Learning from masters who have already traveled this path is a tremendous jump-start for any artist’s career. Stankard’s sincere commitment to the education and the long-term success of . . . students is commendable. You’ll not meet a stronger advocate for the next glass generation.”

Joan M. Baille, President, Salem Community College, Salem, NJ.

Spark the Creative Flame is a resource that strives to inform, inspire, and motivate all who work in craft and wish to improve the creative expression of their work. The book is divided into three sections.

The first section includes commissioned writings by three artists/scholars who have dedicated their careers to art-making and art, craft, and creative expression from an academic perspective. Their essays introduce the foundation that underlays contemporary art and craft.

In the second section, Paul Stankard shares his philosophies on art-making, self-directed learning, and the pursuit of excellence through a reflective and informed creative process.

The third section represents an original, in-depth look at twelve contemporary artists who embrace flameworking as a vehicle for their artistic expression. By combining biographical sketches of the artists’ creative growth with images of their work, the reader is taken behind the scenes of the featured artists’ signature work, and highlights the risks, decisions, sacrifices, and discoveries that led to the success of each artist.

Collectively, Spark the Creative Flame presents the reader with insightful perspectives on the asperations, strategies, challenges, and accomplishments of a representative sample of internationally respected flameworking artists. This sensitive and informed presentation once again allows Paul Stankard to demonstrate the diversity of pathways that craftsmen and artists may find and follow to achieve their own unique goals of quality craftsmanship and artistry.

Available in softcover (list price, $34.95) and hardcover (list price, $47.95)

The Essential Paul Stankard
Getting the Books

To purchase the books offered here at the special offer price, you must order two-book combinations as listed below. You may order multiple numbers of each option. This Special Offer is valid through March 31, 2018.

Option 1: 1 copy of No Green Berries or Leaves and 1 copy of Spark the Creative Flame, both softcover binding............$32.50 per set
Option 2: 1 copy of No Green Berries or Leaves (softcover) and 1 copy of Spark the Creative Flame (hardcover) .............$38.50 per set

Orders will be accepted by telephone, fax, email, or shopping cart. Orders delivered to Ohio addresses must pay 7.25% sales tax; please allow shipping and handling charges of $6.00 for the first two-book combo and $3.00 for each additional 2-book combo. Please feel free to contact the publisher if you have any questions!

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