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McDonald & Woodward Policies


Please Note:


M&W's shopping cart does not support the calculation of international shipping rates or retail discounts. International customers MUST fax (740-321-1141), email: mwpubco [at] mwpubco.com, or phone in orders directly to our office: 800-233-8787. 

Retail customers should fax (740-321-1141), email: mwpubco [at] mwpubco.com, or phone in orders directly to our office: 800-233-8787. 

Review Copy Policy

We are happy to provide copies of our titles, upon request, to retailers who would prefer to examine the title prior to making a commitment to purchase. The review copy will be accompanied by an invoice for 20% off the list price, or in accordance with our retail discount schedule. Terms are Net 30.

The reviewer may choose either of the following options:

1. The book may be kept and the original invoice paid.

2. The book may be returned at the sender’s expense to McDonald & Woodward's address. The book must be in “as new” condition when received, accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.

3. Should the book be accepted and an order placed for more copies, the original invoice will be voided and we will ship the order minus the original review copy. An invoice will be prepared with the appropriate discount for the total number of books.

Desk Copies

Complementary Desk Copies will be provided, upon request, to educators who have already adopted the title as a required text for an identified course. An order for a minimum of ten copies of the book is required to qualify for a desk copy.

Examination Copies

Examination Copies will be provided, upon request, to educators who wish to consider the title for use as a required text in a course that will be offered in the near future. To receive an examination copy, a credit card number must be provided with your request. A non-refundable shipping/handling fee of $6.00/book will be charged to the credit card upon shipment of examination copies.

1. The person requesting the copy must provide the name and course number of the targeted course, and indicate the term during which the text would be used.

2. The Examination Copy will be invoiced with payment due in 60 days. This should give ample time for a thorough review of the book for course evaluation purposes.

3. If the book is adopted as a required text, and if an order for a minimum number of ten copies is received, the Examination Copy will become a complementary Desk Copy.

4. If the book is not adopted, payment will automatically be processed after the 60-day review period, unless the book is returned to us in "as new" condition.

5. If the book is adopted for course use after you purchased a copy, we will refund the amount you paid for the book (not including the shipping/handling fee).

We appreciate your consideration of our titles for use in your courses!

Return Policy

McDonald & Woodward Publishing will accept returns if:

1. Received in “as new” condition.

2. Title is in our current title list.

3. Shipping is prepaid.