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History of Science

An Alien in Antarctica: Reflections Upon Forty Years of Exploration and Research on the Frozen Continent - Charles Swithinbank

Bibliography and Archival Guide to the Writings of Edwin Lincoln Moseley - Compiled by Ronald L. Stuckey with the assistance of Relda E. Niederhofer

Edwin Lincoln Moseley: Naturalist, Scientist, Educator - Relda E. Niederhofer and Ronald L. Stuckey

E. Lucy Braun (1889-1971): Ohio's Foremost Woman Botanist-- Her Studies of Prairies and Their Phytogeographical Relationships - Compiled by Ronald L. Stuckey

Emanuel D. Rudolph's Studies in the History of North Amerian Botany--with an appendix on the relationship between science and religion - Edited by Ronald L. Stuckey and William R. Burk

Predicting Droughts and Floods: Edwin Moseley's Essays on Long-Range Weather Forecasts, With Stuckey's Commentaries and Rainfall Predictions - Compiled and Edited by Ronald L. Stuckey

The Other Side of the Medal: A Paleobiologist Reflects on the Art and Serendipity of Science - Everett C. Olson

The Snowflake Man: A Biography of Wilson A. Bentley - Duncan C. Blanchard

Women Botanists of Ohio - Ronald L. Stuckey