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Exploration & Discovery

An Alien in Antarctica: Reflections Upon Forty Years of Exploration and Research on the Frozen Continent - Charles Swithinbank

Chaining Oregon: Surveying the Public Lands of the Pacific Northwest, 1851-1855 - Kay Atwood

Fips, Bots, Doggeries, and More: Explorations of Henry Rogers' 1838 Journal of Travel from Southwestern Ohio to New York City - Tracy Lawson

Juan Ponce de León and the Spanish Discovery of Puerto Rico and Florida - Robert H. Fuson

Lost Stars: Lost, Missing, and Troublesome Stars from the Catalogues of Johannes Bayer, Nicholas-Louis de Lacaille, John Flamsteed, and Sundry Others - Morton Wagman

Paris Reflections: Walks Through African-American Paris - Christiann Anderson & Monique Y. Wells

Sweetwater Sea Saga - Virginia M. Soetebier

TerraAtlas: Central Washington, DC - Naphtali David Rishe

The New Patterns in the Sky: Myths and Legends of the Stars - Julius D.W. Staal

The Student's Guide to London - Larry Lain and Jeff Griffin