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Dr. Naphtali David Rishe

Naphtali David Rishe received an M.S. in computer science at the Israel Institute of Technology in 1981, and his Ph.D. in computer science at Tel Aviv University in 1984. Since 1987, Rishe has been a professor at the School of Computer Science and founder/director of the High Performance Database Research Center at the Florida International University in Miami. Prior to this, he served as visiting professor at the University of California in Santa Barbara in the Computer Science Department.

Rishe's expertise is in database management and the Internet. His current research focuses on efficiency and flexibility of database systems (particularly of object-oriented, semantic, design-support, and spatial/geographic DBMS), distributed DBMS, high-performance systems, database design tools, and Internet access to databases.

Rishe is the author of two books on database design; editor of four books on database management and high performance computing; holder of four US patents on database querying, semantic database performance, Internet data extraction, and computer medicine; and author of over 200 papers in journals and proceedings on databases, software engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Internet, and life science.

Additionally, he maintains the website TerraFly.com, which presents aerial views. The popularity of this website has inspired him to create the TerraAtlas collection.