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Jerry McDonald




Dr. Jerry McDonald

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Dr. Jerry McDonald is coauthor of two books about Indian mounds -- Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley and Indian Mounds of the Atlantic Coast -- and is currently writing two other books on the subject. All four are guides that identify and interpret publicly accessible mounds and other prehistoric architectural features in eastern North America.

Mounds and earthworks are the most conspicuous architectural features of prehistoric origin remaining on the landscape of eastern North America. Thousands of mounds, earthworks, graded and filled features, and shell heaps occurred between the Gulf and Atlantic coasts and the Great Plains and southern Canada when European settlement of this region began nearly 500 years ago. Yet, most of these features either have been destroyed or extensively modified.

Dr. McDonald is a geographer with degrees from Muskingum College (BA), the University of Texas (MA), and the UCLA (PhD) whose special interests include the identification, interpretation, appreciation, and preservation of historical and cultural landscape features. Dr. McDonald also reported research describing the 14,500-year-old Saltville, Virginia, pre-Clovis archeological site, one of the oldest archeological sites in the Western Hemisphere. See An Outline of the Pre-Clovis Archeology of SV-2, Saltville, Virginia-with Special Attention to a Bone Tool Dated 14,510 yr BP. He currently is the publisher at McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company.

Dr. McDonald is available for talks illustrated with slides, discussion groups or chats, and book signings.


1. Mound and Earthwork Sites that You Can Visit: Their Historical and Cultural Significance.
2. The Great Mounds: Masterpieces of the Prehistoric Landscape.
3. In Search of the Earliest Americans.
4. Adventures in Publishing: Perspectives of an Author-Publisher.


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