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William Clotworthy




William G. Clotworthy

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Midlothian, VA 23112

After spending 42 years in the advertising end of the television broadcasting industry, where he worked with such television icons as Groucho Marx, Johnny Carson, and Milton Berle, and spending twelve years as censor for "Saturday Night Live" –William Clotworthy retired and began to travel, to lecture, and to write. Now he turns his attention to identifying and describing sites commemorating American presidents. He is a recognized authority on presidential sites, authoring two other books on the American presidential heritage, Presidential Sites: A Directory of Places associated with Presidents of the United States, and Homes and Libraries of the Presidents (now in its third edition, revised), In the Footsteps of George Washington: A Guide to Sites Commemorating the First President, and his most recent title, Homes of the First Ladies: A Guide to Publicly Accessible Homes, Museums, and Related Sites.

Mr. Clotworthy previously taught a class on George Washington at the College for Seniors at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and has been named an "Ageless Hero of North Carolina" in recognition of his life-long pursuit of knowledge.

Mr. Clotworthy is available for talks illustrated with slides.


1. Homes of the Presidents: The Places that Shaped Our Presidents.
2. George Washington in the West: Early Adventures beyond the Blue Ridge.
3. Homes of the First Ladies.
4. My Twelve Years as "Doctor No," Censor on Saturday Night Live.


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