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Dr. Duncan C. Blanchard

Duncan C. Blanchard holds degrees in engineering (B.S., Tufts, 1947), physics (M.S., Penn State, 1951), and meteorology (Ph.D., MIT, 1961), and has conducted research in the atmospheric sciences at General Electric, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, SUNY-Albany. He has published more than 150 articles and books. His book From Raindrops to Volcanoes, written for a popular audience, has been printed in seven languages.

Blanchard has long held an interest in the life and work of Wilson Bentley. A natural affinity developed from the fact that Bentley's work with snow crystals paralleled in part Blanchard's interest in the development and growth of snowflakes, snow crystals, raindrops, and the seeding of clouds. Blanchard has published several articles about Bentley's life, but The Snowflake Man is the first book-length biography of Bentley published for adults in the English language.