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Christiann Anderson

Christiann Anderson and Monique Y. Wells have written Paris Reflections: Walks through African-American Paris to help readers recognize and explore the vibrant and enduring legacy of African-Americans in Paris, a city where the achievements of African-Americans have long been realized, recognized, and celebrated. They lead actual and arm chair travelers alike on walking tours through distinct areas of Paris that feature African-Americans and their activities in art, literature, science, business, sport, social reform, and other fields from the nineteenth century to the present.

Anderson, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, lives and works in California as a professional illustrator and editor. She is founder and owner of Anderson Graphics, Inc. This is the second book for Anderson and Wells -- previously, Wells authored and Anderson illustrated Food for the Soul - A Texas Expatriate Nurtures Her Culinary Roots in Paris.

The authors are available for talks with slide presentations, discussion groups, and book signings.

1. Black Paris: Exploring the Myth.

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2. An honorarium is appreciated whenever possible.
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